Electro-horticulture is safe, organic, effective and in tune with Nature.

Increases Germination Rate

We have shown that the use of the Harvest Storm system is capable causing seed germination weeks ahead of schedule compared to control groups.

Growth Acceleration

In addition to accelerating time to germination, our technology increases growth rate throughout the entire growth cycle.  What this means is earlier harvests, which can equate to higher market prices, faster crop turnaround, or beating an early frost.

Higher Yields

Experience vastly increased yields by weight, plus an increase in biomass in general: stem height, leaf size, root mass, etc.

Improved Disease Resistance

Electro-horticulture is capable of preventing and curing a wide range of agricultural diseases from powdery mildew, to rusts, and so on. It also helps with pest management by stimulating a given plants natural defense mechanisms.

Greater Nutrient Density

Along with electrically-enhanced growth enhancement comes a faster metabolism and a massive increase in nutrient uptake.  The result: nutrient-dense crops with flavor profiles out-of-this-world!

Improved Drought & Frost Resistance

An interesting side effect of electroculture is that in some crops it can actually enhance drought & frost resistance.  For outdoor growers, this means greater outputs at less risk.