Benefits of the HarvestStorm™ Product Line

Increasing Yields with Electricity, Magnetism and Beyond!™

Improves Seed Germination and Health

Our energetic-based solutions vastly improves seed efficacy and hardiness. Enhances uptake & soil biome nutrient availability.

Higher Yields

Experience vastly increased yields by weight, plus an increase in biomass in general: stem height, leaf size, root mass, etc.

Growth Acceleration

HarvestStorm™ technology is capable of increasing growth rate throughout the entire growth cycle, meaning earlier harvests, faster crop turnaround, or beating an early frost.

Pest and Disease Resistance

Energetic Agriculture is capable of preventing and curing a wide range of agricultural diseases from powdery mildew, to rusts, and so on. It also helps with pest management by stimulating a given plants natural defense mechanisms. Crop health and vitality is maximized.

Electro-Horticulture takes Mother Earth's natural crop-acceleration technology and makes it available on-demand, anytime!
— David Wechsler, Founder of


Systems For All Types of Growers!

HarvestStorm™ DC Electroculture Stimulation Systems

Our HarvestStorm™ systems are available in many different flavors. We have entry-level experimentation systems that allow you to try many different forms of energetic agriculture at the simplest of levels, making it easy to get started.

We're also constantly refreshing our product line, making improvements to previously designed systems and devising new ones as well. We also offer multi-protocol, expandable crop-stimulation products designed to make experimenting with electro-horticulture as easy as plug & play. These products use HarvestStorm Xtender grow units or experimenter edition units to expand the range of the electric field energies.

Systems under development or presently available include DC and pulsed electroculture systems, electromagnetic permaculture devices from antenna construction tools to ion collection antennas for passive system development.



Give Energetic Agriculture a Try!

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