Benefits of the HarvestStorm™ Product Line

Increasing Yields with Electric Fields!™

Increases Germination Rate

Vastly improves seed efficacy and hardiness

Higher Yields

Experience vastly increased yields by weight, plus an increase in biomass in general: stem height, leaf size, root mass, etc.

Growth Acceleration

HarvestStorm™ technology is capable of increasing growth rate throughout the entire growth cycle, meaning earlier harvests, faster crop turnaround, or beating an early frost.

Pest and Disease Resistance

Electro-horticulture is capable of preventing and curing a wide range of agricultural diseases from powdery mildew, to rusts, and so on. It also helps with pest management by stimulating a given plants natural defense mechanisms.

Electro-Horticulture takes Mother Earth's natural crop-acceleration technology and makes it available on-demand, anytime!
— David Wechsler, Founder of


Entry-level & Commercial-scale Systems

HarvestStorm™ Alpha-1: Entry-Level System Offering:

The HarvestStorm™ Alpha-1 is an entry-level, multi-protocol, expandable crop-stimulation product designed to make experimenting with electro-horticulture as easy as plug & play.

It contains 4 different built-in signaling protocols that include well-known frequency groups like Schumann resonance frequencies, Solfreggio frequencies, and others. The unit is expandable, enabling you to share the signal with many other plants or plant groups for protocol-specific efficacy testing or deploying a single protocol at scale. The unit comes with a pair of food-safe electrodes and a UL-rated power supply.

Custom frequencies & protocols are available on-request for a fee.

Note: Quantities are currently limited while we are waiting for out next shipment the manufacturer.
If we run out of inventory, please let us know and we can let you know when our stocks are replenished.

Commercial-Scale Electroculture

For large caregiver or commercial cultivation


HarvestStorm™ ONE commercial-scale growth stimulator

HarvestStorm Alpha-1 Crop Accelerator
  • 1 HarvestStorm™ ONE unit
  • 1 Yr license for Software Control Panel: Starter-level: 10 treatment protocols
  • Arbitrary protocol output port selection
  • High-power, large fan-out capability
  • Email & Chat Support
Limited Supply!
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